Can I See Your Online Marketing Plan?


“Can I See Your Digital Marketing blueprint?”

When I meet with a potential client one of the first things I ask is “What does 

your digital marketing plan look like?”.

Most of the time I get blank stares, but thats OK. With the time it takes to run

a business like a restaurant of a medical practice, it is completely

understandable that this wouldn’t be top priority even though business

owners usually understand it should be a definite priority.

This is true for local, small businesses as well as large businesses.

Would you set out to build a house without making the plans first??

Treating your social media in the same approach ‘posting with out a strategy

and random copy and hoping it sticks’… is not the way to go.

Heck you wouldn’t don’t even go on vacation without planning it first.

Would you?

So why would you go about your online marketing so carelessly??

It’s even amazing to me how many business owners hire consultants or

maybe keep it house for a secretary to handle it like it’s not a full time jobs

that impacts revenue as much as the owner or managers time.

The solution is simple.

Here at Frontline we call it the “Digital Blueprint.” It’s just a fancy term for

plan or strategy map but we believe it more accurately defines what we really

build for our clients. It’s a bridge from where you are now, your current

situation, to where you want to be; your ideal desired situation.

It’s that simple.

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