5 Biggest Mistakes For ANY Medical Practice To Make

The 5 Biggest Medical Practice Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

An interesting one out of every four medical practices struggling, and most are way below they’re potential. It is painfully obvious that those with a solid digital strategy far out perform the ones relying on “word of mouth”.


Here are the 5 BIGGEST pitfalls in practice marketing and how to avoid them:

Answer: Make the investment to have the person in charge of marketing professionally trained or the most effective and profitable way is to hire a digital marketing firm to profitably take care of it for you.
#2: NOT having a website that works for you is shooting yourself in the foot. A website should be a 24/7 free employee that does exactly what its told and does its job effectively to not only improve patient experience but also make your life easier!
Answer : WEB-DESIGNERS ARE USUALLY NOT MARKETERS. Pick 3 sites you like and talk to your designer about what the website goal which could be to schedule, capture lead, educate or all of the above.
#3: NOT understanding the POWER of email marketing. Email is how you communicate with your patients, how you control the entire experience and most importantly how you serve your patients by educating them and bringing everything they need in an automated fashion that works best for everyone.
Answer : On average it takes 7 – 10 touches for a person to feel comfortable enough to buy from you, email is how you build the relationship. It is also how you get reviews and reengage with patients that didn’t complete the scheduling process. Without this…. the practice is operating at a fraction of it’s potential.
#4: NOT using Facebook Ads THE RIGHT WAY.
“According to a recent PwC Health Research Institute survey, approximately 90% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 said they would trust medical information they found on social media networks. Moreover, a Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group study suggests that up to 41% of patients’ decisions to go with a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility are influenced by their social media experiences.”
Answer: After you have exhausted your free traffic sources or if you want instant results; take the time to understand Facebook advertising. Look at the conversion statistics….there is cost per acquisition is still extremely low but it won’t be that way forever that’s for sure.
#5: Not Understanding and utilizing automation.
Answer: Automation means efficiency and time saved. There are many tools, one of the best ones that we use and set up for you is Infusionsoft. Here is Dr. Burleson’s story https://www.infusionsoft.com/customer-stories/burleson-orthodontics
Dr. Dustin Burleson

Founder:Dr. Dustin Burleson

  • Grew revenue 10x
  • Increased referrals from 28% to 60%
  • Reduced acquisition cost by 56%
  • Went from 5 vacation days to 42

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